Upon looking at Home Improvement stores and other web sites that offer rain barrels in the area, I thought I’d share some important quality differences with our Water Keeper Rain Barrels vs. the competition.

Ours are made from recycled food grade containers.  What does this mean?  They have never had chemicals stored in them, they are durable container because they were designed to be stacked in a warehouse so the sides are thick enough to take the weight of the water in them and also help to insulate the water once inside.  Many of the Home Improvement stores use very thin walled containers which after time with the weight of the water and temperature changes, will tend to crack.

We use a special fitting to attach your brass spigot to our tanks.  Why?  If the spigots are threaded directly into the barrel, after a period of time turning the handle on and off, the spigot will tend to spin out of the hole and leak if they don’t have the special fitting.   These cost more for us to use in the building of our barrels, but we want you to have a product that will last for many years.

Ours has secure insect screening to insure that you will not breed insects in your tank.  Some on the market have screens that are not as secure.

Our barrel tops come completely off so it’s easy for you to rinse out and clean at the end of the season.  Some on the market have very small holes which make this process more difficult.

Shop around, once you notice the difference and check our prices, we know you’ll be back!








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